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Grid Connect Smart Home

Grid Connect Available at Bunnings

Grid Connect products available at Bunnings are the best Smart Home products I have tried

They are really great, and reliable, I currently have around 30 Smart Home devices including many Alexa echo dots and Google home hubs and speakers, I found Grid Connect to be the most simple, the most reliable, the easiest to setup and configure and best value of all the smart home devices I have tried

I recently had a Tech Support Issue, both myself and my wife logged in and OMG No Devices (It turns out I was the dumbass and was logging into a second account I had mistakenly created) In a panic I called ARLEC Tech Support and Adam and Hemangi relentlessly helped me with about 10 emails and I think they may be even making some improvements to the Grid Connect Network based on my feedback and comments

The coolest way for my family to get up in the morning is have our smart home wake us up. The kids, and my wife now use it like its second nature, I found this video below that gives you a quick idea of what you can do with your home

The best prices on GRID Connect is available only at Bunnings

The Video is Cool
Lets give them some views

Thank you ARLEC!

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