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Mansfield Local History

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Local History of Mansfield, Victoria

Mansfield is a small town located at the foothills of the Victorian Alps, approximately 180 kilometers northeast of Melbourne. The town is situated in the Mansfield Shire, surrounded by scenic mountains, forests, and rivers.

Early Years

The history of Mansfield dates back to the 1830s when European explorers started to venture into the area. The first recorded sighting of the district was by Major Thomas Mitchell in 1836. In 1838, William Thomas, a government surveyor, passed through the area and named the nearby Mount Buller.

The first European settlers in the Mansfield district were Angus McMillan and his party, who arrived in 1839. The town's name was derived from Mansfield Park, a novel by English author Jane Austen, which was popular at the time.

Growth and Development

The establishment of the Post Office in 1858 marked a significant period in the town's development. The postal service provided a vital connection to the surrounding areas, and as a result, the town began to grow in population and amenities.

In 1871, the railway reached Mansfield, further increasing the town's accessibility and facilitating trade and commerce. The town became a primary center for agriculture, logging, and mining in the region.

Notable Events

Mansfield has been the site of several notable events throughout its history, including:

  • The Kelly Gang's last stand - In 1880, the infamous Australian bushranger, Ned Kelly, and his gang made their last stand at Glenrowan, approximately 40 kilometers north of Mansfield. The shootout resulted in the deaths of three members of the gang, including Ned Kelly himself, and one policeman.
  • The Black Saturday bushfires - In February 2009, Mansfield was severely impacted by one of Australia's worst-ever bushfires. The fire destroyed homes, businesses, and claimed the lives of several locals.


Mansfield continues to be an essential center for agriculture and tourism in the region. The town's rich history and natural beauty attract visitors year-round, offering a range of activities such as skiing, hiking, and fishing.

As of the 2016 census, the population of Mansfield was approximately 4,900, with a median age of 45 years. The town has a sizeable community of artists, musicians, and writers, contributing to the region's vibrant arts and cultural scene.

In recent years, Mansfield has also become a popular destination for wine lovers, with several wineries and tasting rooms in the area.

History of in Mansfield

Mansfield has a rich and diverse history, which has contributed to the town's development and growth over the years. The town has weathered several significant events throughout its history, emerging stronger and more resilient each time. Today, Mansfield is a lively and vibrant community, offering visitors and locals alike a range of opportunities and experiences.

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