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Distinguished and Famous people from Mansfield

Mansfield is a town located in the high country of Victoria, Australia. Despite being a small town, it has been home to many distinguished and famous people throughout history. Here are some of the notable personalities from Mansfield:

1. Ned Kelly - Ned Kelly is arguably one of the most famous Australians to have ever lived. He was born in Beveridge, Victoria in 1854 and moved to the Kelly family farm near Mansfield in the 1860s. The Kelly family was notorious for their criminal activities, and Ned became a bushranger at a young age. He was finally captured and executed in Melbourne in 1880, but his legend still lives on in Australian popular culture.

2. Bryan Martin - Bryan Martin is a former champion jockey who was born in Mansfield in 1951. He began his horse racing career in the early 1970s and went on to win numerous races throughout his career. He was inducted into the Australian Racing Hall of Fame in 2012.

3. Dick Smith - Dick Smith is a businessman, aviator, and philanthropist who was born in Roseville, New South Wales in 1944. However, he spent part of his childhood in Mansfield and has spoken positively about his time there. Smith made his fortune through electronics retailing and later became involved in aviation. He is also known for his environmental and humanitarian activism.

4. Ned Hanlon - Ned Hanlon was a politician and trade unionist who was born in Mansfield in 1851. He was a member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly from 1889 to 1892 and then served as a senator in the Australian Federal Parliament from 1901 to 1906. Hanlon was also involved in the labour movement and was a co-founder of the Australian Workers' Union.

5. Craig Lowndes - Craig Lowndes is a former racing driver who was born in Melbourne in 1974 but has strong ties to Mansfield. He began his career in go-karts and then moved up to touring cars, where he became a multiple champion. Lowndes is regarded as one of the greatest drivers in Australian motorsport history.

These are just a few of the famous and distinguished people from Mansfield. Despite its small size, the town has played a significant role in shaping Australian history and culture.

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